Acid Reflux Nasty Business

Acid Reflux, Nasty Business

I’m so excited! It doesn’t take much these days I have to admit. But when I get positive feed back from a customer it really makes my day.I live in deepest darkest Norfolk. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful farm shops right on my door step. One of which is kindly advertising Naked Greenz.Last week the Christmas tree was strung from the barn, the decorations came out en mass and the whole place was turned into Aladdin’s cave, only not so much gold and more snow.To celebrate the beginning of the season brought with it the Christmas fair. The band played and all local traders were out with samples of their goods to try. Devine!Whilst I was busy mulling over the spicy chutneys a strapping young farm hand (man who works on farm) sheepishly, pardon the pun, asked me for a quiet word. Apparently he has been suffering with intense acid reflux for years. Nasty business! The pain was so bad that he was willing to try anything and he wanted to try some Naked Greenz. Gladly I handed over a sample pot.

To cut a long story short, 3 men all approached me with the same problem. The second man described it as the feeling similar to someone pouring hot water down his throat in the middle of the night. Ouch.

So today I thought I would go and see how these chaps were doing. I greeted the first one with a cheerful smile, wondering if he would still be speaking to me only to be told that he hadn’t had any pain, or acid reflux from the first day of taking Naked Greenz.”What a miracle’, he told me. So pleased he is that I reckon I may be getting a free turkey for Christmas. I will let him down slowly when I say I’m vegan!

Swiftly on to the second man. Similar story, only this one involved his girlfriend who had threatened to move out. He usually bounced about all night, throwing himself over in pain keeping her awake all night. “No more” he cried!  Three sleep filled undisturbed nights. One very happy girlfriend!

The third man I have yet to ask, he was far too busy slicing the bacon for a long queue of customers, who I suspect also suffer from acid reflux by the look of them!

Nothing better than doing something in life that brings relief to someone else. Out with the acid in with the new!

Primary cause of acid reflux is eating too much meat and drinking too much beer, farmers be warned!