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What is a cleanse?

A juice cleanse is essentially a fast. You drink only raw unprocessed fruit and vegetable juices and do not eat any other food. When you fast you give your body a rest from digesting complex and processed foods.

When we consume animal fat, protein, dairy, alcohol and refined sugar our body may become overloaded and toxic (acidic). Acidity leads to excess weight gain and disease.

Juicing is the fastest and easiest way to get a quick assimilation of nutrients. Juicing removes insoluble  fibre leaving all the phytonutrients and living enzymes that are much better absorbed by the body. The result is instant energy and a feel good factor.

Your body can cleanse itself but not when you continually eat processed and refined foods. Toxins build up in your system leaving you lethargic and slow. With time you stop digesting your food properly. When you do a juice fast you flush your body with vitamins, minerals and enzymes which help eliminate unwanted toxins.

By drinking raw juices the nutrients are quickly absorbed by the body. After only 3 days your body will start to eliminate sick and dead cells leaving you energised.

Cleanse options

1 day cleanse
A one day cleanse is ideal for those who want to sample a fast. Or for people who enjoy giving their body a rest one day a week.

3 day cleanse
Reset your entire system and cleanse your palate, liver, heart and whole body. After 3 days your body will start getting rid of diseased cells and tissues. It’s also a fast way to lose weight and re-energize.

5 day cleanse
The longer you cleanse the greater the benefits, you lose more weight and more cells are rejuvenated.

Choose your cleanse to suit your need. They can be soft, medium or hard. The harder the cleanse the greener the juices.

For juice virgins and those not used to green juices. This includes more fruit juices and smoothies.

For those who are already living a healthy lifestyle but are not ready to go full green. This is the perfect cleanse which includes root vegetables, fruit juices and nut milks.

For those who are hard-core cleansers. These will be mainly green juices which are detoxifying and alkalising to get you in shape fast.

Why cleanse?

1. To lose weight
2. To eliminate toxins
3. To energize
4. To get rid of inflammation
5. To correct bad eating habits
6. To clear the mind
7. To reset your digestive system
8. To clear your skin
9. To brighten your eyes

how often?
As many times as you like; it’s always good to give your body a rest and flood it with nutrients. You may decide to adopt a weekly or monthly routine.

make the most of your cleanse
Keep hydrated, drink lots of water and organic herbal tea.
Go for a walk or do yoga to stretch muscles and tissues to release more toxins.
Use this time to treat yourself. If you can, have a sauna or steam bath.
Keep reminding yourself why you are doing the cleanse; for a clearer mind, more energy, to alleviate or prevent sickness and, of course, to lose weight.

before and after

To make the most of your juice cleanse start to eliminate meat, dairy, starchy food, caffeine, refined sugar and alcohol 2-3 days before you start. Introduce leafy greens, fruit, nuts and seeds and eat as much raw food as possible.

during the cleanse
Start each day with water and lemon juice followed by a glass of wheatgrass. Drink a juice every 2 hours or when you feel hungry. Keep drinking water through out the day. You may also drink organic herbal teas. Try doing some light exercise.

post cleanse
What you put into your body after a cleanse is very important. Ideally you want to keep the detoxification process going for as long as possible. Try to eat raw fruit and vegetables. Avoid caffeine and alcohol.