Natural Healing

Natural Healing

It amazes me that so much money is piled into health care and yet we are still fumbling about in the dark looking for a cure for cancer.Why is this so? Do you think that cutting bits of your body out, then bombarding it with chemicals until your hair falls out is the answer? How can  this be a recipe for success? How can your body begin to heal when firstly it’s trying to tackle a foreign mass, and then a whole heap of toxic waste is poured in that almost kills you in the process.I don’t know but it just doesn’t sound good to me.

Your body is designed to protect itself and regenerates all the time. So what’s going wrong? Why is cancer, heart disease and diabetes on the increase?

We live in a generation of have now and pay later. Well pay we are. What you put into your body has a consequence. Maybe you get away with it when you’re young, but age creeps up and things start to go wrong.

It saddens me to know that doctors pay little attention to diet. Their medical training falls short of any real nutritional knowledge. It’s all about medication, big pharma! That’s where the money is.

Research has shown that illness can be cured through nutrition. That huge doses of vitamin C shrinks tumors. That changing your diet and cutting out refined sugars and processed flours reduces cholesterol. That cutting out sugar and increasing your vegetable intake reduces your chances of diabetes. But we don’t hear about this. Why? Because big pharma wants to push de drugs!

Articles are written on health and give general guide lines to what drugs work, on which condition and how much to administer. These articles are often written by so called experts who have a conflict of interest. They have financial ties to drug makers.

We have got to start waking up and taking note.

Take action today, start by introducing as much fresh raw vegetables as you can. Increase your water intake and cut down your sugar and fats. Feel alive and say no to big pharma!

Your health matters!


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