Virginie Stirbois, France

Naked Greenz is the very basis of good health,especially for us westerner with acidic culinary habits. Naked Greenz has triggered my energy and immunity,key to my fast paced life. I could feel it's cleansing effect upon the first glass! Truly recommendable.

Michelle Bartolo, Malta

Wheatgrass is my fine green grassy wine, I wake to it everyday. I’ve been on Naked Greenz for just over a year now and when I go a week without it, I can really feel the difference. It gives me good energy, sustained energy.. I used to suffer with a bloated tummy and I had allergies to all kinds of foods..reason being was that I needed more alkalining & viola! Wheatgrass took away all of these symptoms…even helped relieve the angst I get during pms. It really is the bees knees, I think EVERYONE should take it… Propelled by Naked Greenz Wheatgrass.

Paul Kettner, Austria

Since I started taking Naked Greenz wheatgrass I have really felt a boost in my immune system and well-being. I haven’t been sick since taking it (normally I get a cold twice a year). Now i’m used to the taste I really like it. Naked Greenz is much tastier and fresher than other brands.

Tamsin Wilkinson, Ireland

I started taking Naked Greenz Organic New Zealand Wheatgrass a year ago, whilst suffering from general exhaustion from having 4 young children and a bout of anaemia. From day one it gave, and continues to give me an instant energy boost. Regular use has helped eliminate the anaemia, improved my resistance to infection, made myskin brighter, my hair shinier and generally helped me feel healthier, with more energy on a daily basis. My husband and 4 children are now on it too! I have experimented with other brands, but this is in a different league. It is much fresher. The others were dull in colour and taste, whilst this is a bright fresh green. You can see and taste the goodness in it. It has become an essential part of my daily diet.

Nadine Cole, Austria

Naked Greenz organic wheatgrass makes me feel great. It helps my digestion and my immune system in general. It gives me a good kick for the day and it feels great knowing that i'm doing something good for myself everyday. When I don't have it, I really miss it.