The Protein Myth

The Protein Myth

Most people believe that protein only comes from meat, dairy, fish and eggs, and secondly that getting enough protein is difficult. This simply isn’t true. The fact is, there is plenty of protein in plants, seeds, nuts, lentils and quinoa.

Vegetables carry all the amino acids (the building block of protein) the body needs. Not every vegetable has every amino acid, of course you need to eat a wide variety, especially dark leafy greens and supplement with grasses. In fact most protein can be made in the body given the right nutrients. From the basic eight amino acids all seventeen can be made in the body.

Meat is a difficult source of protein to digest. The fact that it’s very acidic means that you need to neutralize the acid with alkaline minerals that you get from dark leafy greens.

If your diet falls short of green vegetables then the body will take the alkaline minerals from its buffer system to neutralize the acid. Once the minerals have been used, the body will then start taking the alkaline minerals from where it can. Alkaline minerals are calcium and magnesium. Calcium is then taken from your bones and magnesium from your muscles.  Have you ever stopped to think why there are so many people with osteoporosis and arthritis?

Meat also contains undesirable saturated fat, unlike vegetables, which are high in protein, vitamins minerals and beneficial complex carbohydrates making them far easier to digest.

Did you know that the world’s largest animals are leaf eaters? eg the gorilla. So where do you suppose they get their protein from? Indeed the grass and the leaves they eat. Did you also know that when a lion kills he eats the intestines of a plant eating animal first? That’s where the plant residue is!

The current diet trend towards high protein (30 per cent of calories) high fat (50%of calories) and low carbohydrate (20%of calories) provides way more protein than the body needs, let alone fat, and taxes the kidneys heavily. Fad diets like the Akins diet are highly toxic and cause kidney damage and can cause kidney failure!

“Eating too much animal protein could be as dangerous as smoking for middle aged people.” States an article in the Daily Telegraph 5th March 2014. “Research which tracked thousands of adults for nearly 20 years found that those who eat a diet rich in animal protein are four times more likely to die from cancer than someone with a low protein diet. The risk is nearly as high as developing cancer from smoking 20 cigarettes a day.”

A study, which was published in the journal Cell Metabolism, followed 6,831 middle-aged and older adults. Those eating a diet high in protein were four times more likely to die of cancer or diabetes and nearly twice as likely to die from any cause in the following 18 years. A diet moderate in protein was associated with a threefold increase in cancer mortality. These effects were ABOLISHED in people eating a diet high in VEGETABLE protein.

The best quality protein foods in terms of amino acid balance are: Wheatgrass, Dark leafy greens vegetables, Quinoa, Soya, Beans, Seeds, and lentils.