Wheatgrass FAQ's

Q: Juice or powder? Surely fresh beats dried every time, doesn’t it?

A: Not necessarily. The grass used to make fresh wheatgrass juice tends to be grown indoors in trays under artificial lights. The grass used to make dried wheatgrass powder, on the other hand, is grown outside in soil, ideally organic soil like ours is. This means it draws its full compliment of minerals from top quality outdoor humus while receiving the complete spectrum of UV from natural sunlight and moonlight.

Powder might be less ‘alive’ in terms of enzyme activity, but it tends to deliver higher nutritional values and is lower in sugar. It’s easier to tolerate, has high patient compliance and is super-quick and easy to use – just add water and stir.

And best of all, no need for a lawn mower!

Q: What does Wheatgrass Taste Like?

A: It tastes like sunshine.

Q: What does Wheatgrass Look Like?

A: It’s a green powder. Because Naked Greenz is a superior wheatgrass the colour is a vibrant green.

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