Wheatgrass the best anti- inflamatory food

I’m always getting asked why wheagrass is branded a super food. What does that really mean?

In the 1930’s wheatgrass was certified the only natural complete food. You could get it on prescription in the US .

Wheatgrass contains a broad spectrum of nutrition from calcium to all essentail amino acids. Some of the nutrients are tiny but nutrition is a weight lifting competetion it’s about getting everything you need in synergy. Isolating vitamins isn’t an effective way to treat your body. Your system is designed to get its nutrient requirements through food, not chemicals compounds from the pharamacy.

In recent years scentist have realised the corrolation between your gut and your brain. The gut sends messages to your brain. The old fashion saying , i’ve got a gut feeling, wasn’t too far wrong! In order to be healthy you must have a healthy gut biome. Wheatgrass is the perfect way to line your gut to help poliferate good bacteria.

Unlike other grasses like barley and kamut, wheatgrass contains p4D1 a “gluco-protein”that acts like an antioxidant reducing inflamation thus promoting a healthy digestive function and supporting overall health.