You are what you eat

You are what you eat

I suspect you’ve all heard of the alkaline diet. But maybe you haven’t fully understood just why it works? I want to talk to you about the pH of your blood and how that relates to the alkaline diet and good health. Our blood, measured on the pH scale, is slightly alkaline. In fact it’s 7.365. The scale runs between 0 and 14. Seven is neutral 14 very alkaline and 0 being very acidic. You don’t just have one pH level in your body. Your stomach for instance is measured at 1.35-3.5, acidic in order to break down and digest food.Your body has to keep the pH of your blood cells and other fluids at a slightly alkaline level, and it will do anything it has to in order to maintain this pH balance.All the body’s regulatory mechanisms (breathing and digestion) work to maintain the internal acid/alkaline balance. Our bodies do not tolerate acid imbalances. If the blood becomes acidic then disease steps in. First symptoms of acid over load are: headaches, colds, allergies, acid reflux, IBS, indigestions and sinus problems. If the imbalance gets greater more serious conditions appear, effecting the organs, thyroid glands, adrenals, liver and so on.

So a declining blood pH just can’t be allowed. To stop this the blood begins to take alkaline minerals from the body tissues. There is a family of minerals particularly suited to neutralizing strong acids, these include sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. When these minerals react with acids they create a much less harmful substance, which the body can then eliminate.

A healthy body maintains a reserve supply of these alkaline minerals to meet emergency demands. However if there are insufficient amounts in the diet, they are recruited elsewhere.

As previously mentioned one of the alkaline minerals is calcium. The body will draw calcium from the bones in order to neutralize the acids. Ever wondered why there is such a huge increase in arthritis and osteoporosis in the west? People that eat a typical western diet tend to lack alkaline minerals.

It’s far too easy for our body tissues to become acidic. If we eat meat, diary and sugar, live in a polluted city, work long hours and live a stressful life we become over acidic. This leads to sickness and disease. It’s only when our body is in an overly acidic state that disease gets a grip. The worlds 3 biggest killers, Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes all thrive in an acidic environment.

So how can you help your reserves of alkaline minerals? By eating them!

Alkaline foods are: Wheatgrass, leafy greens, salads, fresh vegetables, omega oils, nuts, seeds, pulses, whole grains and certain fruits. Foods which are acidic are: Meat, diary products, sugars, alcohol, coffee, black tea, processes foods, fizzy drinks and cigarettes. Acidic foods should be either eliminated or cut down.

To balance your diet divide your meals into 70% alkaline foods to 30% acidic ones. That way you will keep a healthy internal balance.

It is essential to maintain your acid/alkaline balance in order to live a healthy vibrant life.

Do yourself a favour and get onto the alkaline diet. Feel alive and vibrant and say no to cancer, heart disease and diabetes!